Our grade 12 Geography and Tourism learners embarked on a very successful and vibrant 3-day outdoor learning exploration camp at Yakol Adventures in Modimolle. Sir Fredy expressed his satisfaction in a few words; Learners grasp concepts much easier by seeing them in real life. They came into close contact with nature, exploring river processes in the veld and studying different rock formations on the mountainside.

In Geography, most Geomorphology aspects – fluvial processes and landforms were the main areas of focus. Learners went on a hike up to the head of the valley flanked by two long stretching ridges and down up to the dam. In tourism, notably, there was a presentation by the facilitators, Mr Rubin and Mr Thompson, on responsible and sustainable tourism as well as on entrepreneurial opportunities in the tourism sector.

 On Saturday evening, learners enjoyed a presentation by Mr Rubin on Astronomical aspects (the Southern Cross and the False Cross). Learners also had fun through team-building activities (Mission Impossible and Shooting Range). Appreciation goes to the two teachers, Sir Fredy and Ma’am Tebogo sacrificed their time to organise and accompany these learners on this excursion.