Learners reach out locally and internationally by using games, literacy and numeracy, to uplift the community and spread the gospel.

Learners get the opportunity to put into practice that which they have learnt on outreaches. They visit Mosa (drop-in zone in Ga-Motiba), Samarian Centre (orphanage), and Kwela Bohloko (drop-in zone in Nobody) twice a week, accompanied by a trained educator, from 15:00 – 16:00. 

Once a year, the high school learners goes to either Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia or other continents for outreach. 

All new learners attend orientation (Bible foundation discipleship course) at the beginning of each year. The aim is to create firm foundations in the Word, to lead them to the Lord to have a solid Biblical worldview, to act, serve, and to reach out with what they have and to become fishers of men.

Outreach Training:
Learners are trained by Open Schools World Wide and by STOP Human Trafficking. Training takes place in the afternoon and during weekends. All learners and educators in ENCS take part in outreaches. Outreach plays a vital role in the lives of our students. It teaches them to serve others. It is also very good exposure and helps to develop their body, soul, and spirit.

To be salt and light, to make a difference in the communities and nations. To spread the good news and live it.

Local Outreaches:
Learners get the opportunity to put to practice what they have learned. On a regular basis, they visit Mosa (Drop-in Zone in Ga-Mothiba), the Provincial Hospital, neighboring schools, homeless shelters, soup kitchens and other places where the Lord leads them to get involved.

International Outreaches:
Twice a year our High School learners travel to neighboring countries including Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi. Canada and USA are also visited occasionally.


Eagles Nest School outreach to Kanyanga Village in Zimbabwe 

On 6 April, 11 children and 5 adults from Eagles Nest Christian school, left for Kanyaga Village in the North West of Zimbabwe, well over a 1000km from Polokwane.

The mission was to assist, motivate and learn. Makesure Nuchenje, the host of our group has been farming successfully for some years now following the Foundations for Farming principles, even though the ground consists mostly of slate rock. 

Foundations for Farming were started in Zimbabwe a couple of years ago and works with the following principles:

On time, on standard, no wastage, with joy.

With some help from Eagles Nest Christian School, ACSI and much encouragement from Missionaries Boet and Celia Pretorius, Foundations Pre-School has also seen the light, to serve the community of Kanyaga. 

Makesure stays with his family in a small house on his ground. With no electricity and having to fetch water from a well they dug 20 meters deep. Life is all but luxurious there, but the love of God is evident in the greeting of the people and their friendly hospitality.

During our stay there we managed to help decorate the school, clean a play area, put up swings, clean the road towards the facility and help to make a soccer field with the community using our own petrol Weed-eater and Bemba’s (slashers) which travelled with us all the way from Eagles Nest.

Training was given to the teachers and we also built our own bush shower, in the process. Daily duties consisted of cooking, cleaning, fetching fire wood and water. With more than 30 people on site, excluding visiting guests from the community, this was a big task. Enough fire wood was needed for cooking and to heat up the geysers, we also had to fetch around 500 liters of water a day to fulfil our needs.

Some of the teachings we had included principles on forgiveness, taking responsibility for problems and how to face giants in our own lives.  On the Friday before we left, our children were fortunate to reach out to a local high school. They were very well received and were able to share with some of the learners how to overcome teenage pressure and have hope for their future. 

One of the highlights of this trip is definitely the soccer field. There was a great need for the field due to the fact that none can be found in that area. In order for the community to use the field, they had to go for discipleship from Makesure and his team first.

Outreaches like this do not just involve giving to communities and showing God’s love but it also enriches the people going out to serve. Everyone who went there, left Kanyaga with great sadness and some tears, but also fulfilled in the knowledge that God’s love is changing a community and so we departed enriched and with great appreciation in our hearts. 

Special thanks to the following people who went on the outreach: Mr Mac van den Berg and Teacher Elsa van den Berg, Teachers Philip Buys and Jenny Kohlrus, Mr Lyson Dube (driver) and learners Salem Makwarela, Tsegofatso Letsoala, Boitumelo Morokolo, Mokgadi Maponya, Thabile Sefala, Pumelani Magama, Moses Marota, Lobo  Piema, Anesu Muzata, Itumeleng Sebola and Oreditse Masebe.