Foundations for Farming partnership with Eagle`s Nest Christian School

Foundations for Farming (FfF) celebrates God’s grace as extended to ENCS for the last twenty one years.

Since 2010 FFF has travelled with ENCS along an interesting journey integrating farming into the Christ Centred Education to raise up a generation of faithful stewards, also on the land.

The planting of the model garden at the school in 2010 has attracted widespread. This model has led to many FfF training’s presented here for students from all over SA and internationally as far afield as Canada.

This partnership also lead to the development the FfF school curriculum that is being used and developed further at different schools and at ENCS. The agricultural curriculum is more than a method of farming, it is a message of hope, a message about Our Father , the Creator who desires a living relationship with us, His children. God calls us to see our work as our greatest act of worship to Him.

Foundations for Farming is all about making disciples for Jesus Christ, believing that He is the only foundation for agriculture and all spheres of life.

Foundations for Farming has principles of On Time, At Standard, No Wastage and with Joy, that can be implemented in our daily walk with God, our Father.

Boet Pretorius ( International FfF Trainer)