On the 18th of August, Eagles Nest Christian School Intermediate phase hosted the Myngenoegen debating league tournament. Three debating teams from Eagles Nest took part, competing against Mitchell House, PEPPS, MEPS and Lord Milner. This competition allowed learners to argue points in a well-controlled environment. It was great to see good logical thinking taking place. Many learners were nervous and this caused them to sometimes make slight errors when speaking. One of the great things in debating is being able to communicate clearly, convincingly and logically regardless of one’s personal view on the topic or how nervous one is. Eagles Nest Christian School did not win this time, but they learnt a few things that will help them in the next competition. At the same time, we would like to congratulate Neo Mosomane for being named the best overall speaker of the day. It is exciting to see how these learners improve their speaking ability.