There is joy and jubilation in the Nest as we celebrate our 2022 IEB matric results. 43 learners passed with BD entry qualification while 4 scored a diploma entry-level qualification. This class of 2023 achieved 30 distinctions while the bulk of marks are in level 6 (Bs). An overall 96,07% was achieved. This is yet another milestone, a great achievement indeed especially considering the obstacles that this group had to endure. The impact of Covid-19 and related lockdown restrictions impacted the smooth delivery of curriculum in their FET phase. “Now I can pursue my dream in Chemical Engineering,” said Karabo Ndou with a sigh of relief. Her other options are Bio-Chemistry and Environmental Science of which she has acceptance letters from several universities including UP.

Rose Mokwena
1 Distinction

Results at a glance:
43 passed with a bachelor’s Degree entry level
30 Distinctions achieved
4 passed with Diploma entry level
2 passed with Higher certificate entry level
66 level 6 (Bs) marks
Overall 96,07%