Foundations for Farming

Foundations for Farming, is a life-long process, seeking the potential of Africa, using the faithful stewardship of the land. Through FfF, Africans are encouraged and trained to use their talent, trusting God to be faithful to their land, by serving individuals, villages, communities and nations, to grow to their God-given potential and purpose – to glorify God.

This agricultural curriculum is much more than a method of farming – it is a message of hope for the poor.

The message is about our Father, the Creator, who desires to have a living relationship with us, His children. He calls us to be faithful stewards of His creation, to see our work as our greatest act of worship to Him.

Foundations for Farming is all about making disciples for Jesus Christ, believing that He is the only foundation, also for agriculture.

In FfF, a school curriculum has been written to raise up the next generation with focus to be faithful stewards of their land and breaking the bondage of hunger and dependancy.

At Eagle’s Nest Christian School, the FfF model serves as a training station in giving teachers, learners and community workers, the exposure of integration of FfF into the different grades’ (currently 5 and 6) outreach, leadership and life orientation programme and to be a part of a club in the afternoons.